Sora Foods

At Sora Foods we offer a wide variety of services to manufacturers and our valued customers.

What if you need a product that is not listed on our website? 

At Sora Foods we are dedicated to product development. If you require a special item for your unique application we have the flexibility to make it happen. We take pride in our ability to develop customized solutions for all of our customers.

We aim at being recognized as a preferred one-stop source for innovative and competitive frozen and chilled protein solutions.

Sales and Marketing

Not unlike the United States, Canada is a very diversified country and is for the most part divided into at least four major areas. The national retailers generally have a regional merchandising office that will have the merchandising expertise specific to the demographics and cultural needs of their consumers.

Our Sales network is set up across the country to service the head office and all of the regional offices in Canada. Sora Foods sales agents have strong relationships with their retailers in their specific regions and tend to concentrate on selling more volume for a smaller basket of manufacturers.  We are experienced in calling on the Private Label procurement departments, Frozen Food / boxed meat buyers and regional Meat buyers / merchandising departments.

Our Sales Network

We have sales representation in the following regions covering all of Canada:

  • Cambridge (30 miles from Mississauga/Toronto, Ontario) covering most of the National Retailer head offices
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Vancouver, British Columbia

Product Development & Quality Assurance

As part of the process of getting your products on the shelves you will find that all of the major retailers in Canada have unique product development processes and quality assurance software programs in place. Sora Foods is your turnkey solution to launching products in Canada, our team includes knowledgeable and experienced staff  that will bridge you the manufacturer to the retailer to make sure that your listing process is fast and seamless.

We have worked with every major retailer across Canada. Our staff has years of experience and a vast knowledge of the labeling regulations that are unique to Canada. When working with the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) you can count on us to use our experience to get your product approved and delivered to Canada in a timely manner.

Nationwide Logistics and Supply Chain

How challenging is it to logistically service a National Canadian retailer? Canada is physically as wide as the USA, but has the population (35M) of California; this means a lot of stops with very little volume in comparison to what might be typical in the USA.

This is another reason of being for our network, we simply send you a purchase order for a full truckload of product FOB your manufacturing plant’s door and then we will take care of the rest. Our logistics model including consolidation of orders in Central Canada will be the difference in being competitive on a FOB regional delivered price which is mandatory by all of the Major retailers in Canada.