Who is Sora Foods?

Sora Foods is a Canadian owned distribution company; our allies include the manufacturing partners we represent and the established network of associated sales branches that sell to major retailers across the country.

Sora Foods provides our manufacturers from around the globe with an opportunity to fully service the Canadian market by providing turnkey solutions to getting your products launched and more importantly sold and shipped across Canada. We are experienced in calling on the private label procurement departments, frozen food / boxed meat buyers and regional meat buyers / merchandising departments.

To date most of our success has been in product lines that target the “price conscious” consumer.

Please review our services to see the services we provide to our valued manufacturing partners and get a better understanding of our sales network.

Who is Sora Foods?

Our Company Mission
Our mission is to be the Canadian distributor of choice for domestic and global manufacturers that are underexposed to the “value priced shopper” in the Canadian market.  Our efficient distribution and unique sales model will demonstrate to suppliers that Sora Foods is the preferred solution for getting their frozen food products sold and shipped across Canada.
The Sora Philosophy
—Sora Foods sales partners clearly recognize that the customer in the end is paramount, and that all actions and strategies must be directed toward providing product offerings that fit into their strategies.
Equally important to Sora Foods are our suppliers. We do not take our suppliers for granted and make sure that we are working together on product innovation, manufacturing efficiencies and maximized profit contribution for your business.
Sales Partners
Our sales partners count on us to select safe and efficient food manufacturers to produce quality food products for the Canadian marketplace, our network of manufacturers will be “ best in class” in food safety and certified in an acknowledged global food safety certification program.

Our Specialties Include:

Sales & Marketing 100%
Technical Services Including Product Development & Quality Assurance 100%
Nationwide Logistics & Supply Chain 100%


Why Choose Us?


Leveraging a professional and knowledgeable team with many years of experience managing all facets of food sales and distribution


Unprecedented responsiveness to our suppliers and customers’ needs given our small size and entrepreneurial nature.


A one-stop shop transcending a breadth and depth of product assortment, we offer our customers with fewer overall order/invoicing, sales and distribution related transactions for the DC’s across Canada.

And More

  • Complete retail line of frozen boxes and bags
  • Complimentary product variety to keep the consumers coming back weekly
  • Quality designed for today’s value conscious consumer
  • Attractive retail price points in the value segment
  • One stop shop for all of the value priced frozen items